Does circumcision change your penis size?

A lot of boys and men are concerned about the size and length of their penis, so it’s no surprise one of the first questions asked is whether getting circumcised affects penis size.

Fortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that circumcision in adults affects penis size. The global average penis size is 5.16 inches (13.12cm) with smaller and bigger sizes well within the normal range.

Circumcision only removes part of the foreskin and does not change the structure or size of the penis shaft, which determines your penis size.

The only difference is that the foreskin can often overhang the glans (tip) of the penis, which can make an uncircumcised penis look bigger than it really is when the foreskin is not retracted.

Rare complications

In very rare cases, a surgeon may remove too much foreskin and create an unnecessarily tight circumcision. This can lead to the skin pushing your penis into the base of your pubic area and making it appear smaller.

Fortunately, skin is very elastic and should stretch over time to accommodate the true size of your penis as your body’s cells regenerate.

This is extremely rare, however. The risk of circumcisions is very low, as it is a very commonly performed surgery.

Temporary changes as your penis heals

After your circumcision you may experience some temporary swelling which should subside after several months. This article looks at how you can reduce swelling after circumcision to help your penis heal.

You may also find that erections are less hard during the healing process. This is temporary and simply your body taking care not to overstress the affected area. Your erections should return to normal after several months.

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