When can I have sex after circumcision surgery?

If you are circumcised as a teenager or an adult you may find it is one of the longest periods of your life where without masturbating or having sex.

It is important to let your circumcision heal properly before having sex, since sexual intercourse can put tension on the wound or even the sutures (stitches).

As a general rule, you should avoid masturbating for at least a month and from sex for four to six weeks after your surgery. This gives your body plenty of time to bridge the wound.

Do your best to avoid erections. These can be painful and put unnecessary stress on the circumcision, particularly if stitches remain.

Don’t worry if you have the occasionally hard-on, though. It is not the end of the world and will likely not affect your circumcision! Equally, don’t worry if you experience any wet dreams. This page explains how to prevent painful night time erections.

You can have sex after four weeks

You should wait at least four weeks after circumcision surgery before having sex; six weeks is better.

Do not have sex if you still have any open wounds or whilst stitches remain. Your stitches should all have dissolved or been removed within the first few weeks after surgery.

Be gentle and avoid having rough sex for the first few months. The healing process is not complete after six weeks and you will still experience significant changes up to six months after surgery.

Avoid putting too much tension or stress on the circumcision scar. You may also find that your penis is a little sore after having sex. This is a good indication that you should be a little more gentle next time or use a bit more lube.

You may find sex feels different when you start having sex again. This is because it can take several months for your penis to fully heal. Although it looks healed on the outside, internal swelling and bruising can take longer to subside and will affect how your penis feels during sex.

You can read more about the recovery timeline after circumcision in this article.

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