How to stop painful night-time erections after circumcision

It is perfectly normal to experience between 3 and 5 erections lasting 25-35 minutes when you are asleep.

The exact cause of these erections is unclear but they are linked to the REM cycle of sleep and are thought to help maintain a healthy penis.

Normally, we never notice – the erections are often independent of arousal and happen whilst we are fast asleep.

However, you may become aware of them after circumcision. In the first few weeks of the healing process you may find yourself waking up at night because your erections are painful. This is because the erection is pulling at your stitches.

The pain of the erection is likely to make you go flaccid as soon as you wake up. Still, waking up several times is an inconvenience.

Don’t drink liquids before bed

Whilst these erections will not harm the wound, you can reduce the occurrence of night-time erections by not drinking fluids before going to bed and making sure to go to the toilet before sleeping.

Sleep in the foetal position

You can also reduce discomfort by sleeping in the foetal position. This will reduce tension on the wound and pressure on the stitches.

Try a decongestant

Pseudoephedrine, a common nasal decongestant, will also reduce the occurrence of erections. Make sure to read the instructions if you choose to take any medication.

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