Help, the skin on my glans is peeling off!

It is not uncommon for the skin on the head of the penis to peel after surgery, similar to a sunburn.

Don’t worry – it is nothing to worry about.

This happens as the head of the penis (glans) gets used to its newly exposed status.

In an uncircumcised penis, the foreskin is generally long enough to cover the head fully when flaccid. The mucous membrane of the inner foreskin keeps the glans moist.

After circumcision, and depending on the style, the glans becomes exposed to the air and to the clothes you wear. This leads to changes to the skin which begins to dry out and become more like skin you would find elsewhere on your body versus a mucous membrane.

In some (but certainly not all) men, this process can involve the skin peeling and flaking off. After a few weeks the peeling should stop.

Peeling shouldn’t affect the healing process. If you prefer you can lightly moisturise the area although doesn’t seem to be necessary.

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