How to masturbate after circumcision

You may find that your old ways of masturbating are no longer working for you after your circumcision. This is normal, and most men go through an adjustment phase where they learn how to jerk off without a foreskin. During this period it is worth trying different things and exploring what feels best to you.

You should wait at least 4 weeks after surgery before starting to jerk off. You can see a timeline of the circumcision recovery process here.

Using lube is key

The biggest difference between jerking off a cut vs uncut penis is the use of lube.

Whilst uncut men typically masturbate by rubbing the foreskin up and down the head of the penis, you may find this is no longer possible.

Some cut men with looser circumcisions are still able to do so but for many this is no longer effective. Direct stimulation of the penis with the hand is now necessary.

Sexual lubricant is a useful aid in reducing the friction between your hand and penis. This means you can rub the head of your penis directly without chafing.

There are a lot of different kinds of lube available. Some are designed especially for masturbation. You can read more about the different kinds of lubes you can use in this article.

Using lube also allows you to try a greater variety of different motions. Instead of simply moving your hand up and down the shaft, try a twisting motion on the head, or ‘backhand’ with your forefinger and thumb at the base of your penis.

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Got cut as an adult. I tend to prefer masturbation with some sort of lubricant (even something as simple as Aveno unscented moisturizer works great, for sex I tend to prefer a silicone based lube), yet although when I’m erect I have a tight cut I can still orgasm quite nicely just by tugging/rubbing a bit on the cut line… it’s like the nerve endings that went to the foreskin are now concentrated where I was cut. Orgasms tend to be more intense.

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