When can I exercise again after getting circumcised?

Exercise is an important part of many of our lives and you may be wondering how quickly you can return to playing sport or your exercise routine after your circumcision surgery.

The good news is that it may be sooner than you think, depending on the sport or exercise you are thinking of doing.

Weight-lifting, running, cycling etc

You can return to the gym, go running or cycling as soon as you feel comfortable, a week after your circumcision.

You should avoid any exercises that put undue strain on your penis or scrotum, but it should be possible to to do most if not all weight lifting exercises.

You may wish to wear tight clothing during this time to support your penis. This can also help with the increased sensitivity in the first few weeks after surgery.

Swimming and water sports

You should avoid swimming and water sports entirely for two to three weeks after circumcision and until the wound has fully healed. This is to prevent the wound from getting infected and from stitches dissolving early.

Contact sports such as American football, rugby, wrestling, boxing etc

For obvious reasons, you should avoid contact sports where there is a risk of contact or impact with your penis or scrotum for at least four to six weeks after surgery. This gives your circumcision time to heal and reduces the chance of the sutures or stitches splitting.

As always, you should continue to be careful beyond this period and may wish to wear protective clothing.

Make sure your wound doesn’t reopen

Ensure that you don’t rip the stitches or re-open the wound after it has partially healed in the first eight weeks of your healing journey.

Think about whether the sport involves pressure or risk of impact in the groin area – it if does, it may be better to wait.

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